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Visions on the Future of Crowdfunding in Europe

The Ten Commandments of Crowdfunding © 2014 Risterucci chapter in:

Crowdfunding is changing the way we think about finance. But what will the future of crowdfunding look like? With this publication about the future of crowdfunding in Europe, we share our views and those of European crowdfunding platforms.


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Our goal is to spread the word about crowdfunding. Do you want to support the crowdfunding discussion by sharing the publication? Download the publication for free and share it with your network.


This publication has been produced by four frontrunners from the field of crowdfunding in Europe: Daniela Castrataro, Fabien Risterucci, Gijsbert Koren and Karsten Wenzlaff.


It was made possible with the support of Epirot Ludvik Nekaj (organizer Crowdsourcing Week), Wolfgang Gumpelmaier (Gumpelmedia/ikosom), Nina Passerelli (student) and all crowdfunding platforms and experts by sharing their visions. This publication is a follow-up for two European conferences on crowdfunding: Crowdfunding Day (Amsterdam, April 15th 2013) and The Future of Crowdfunding (Berlin, April 17th 2013).

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Risterucci, F. (2016): The Ten Commandments of Crowdfunding. In Brüntje, D., & Gajda, O. (Eds.), Crowdfunding in Europe – State of The Art in Theory And Practice. Springer Science + Business Media. - ISBN 978-3-319-18016-8.


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